Out of Sight

A gripping YA novel about entrepreneurship and love

Stop asking directions from people who have never been where you’re going.

What is Out of Sight?

Reading a gripping story is a great way to learn, and be inspired.

Out of Sight is a teenage novel published, first, to be a fun read, and second, to encourage youngsters to think in a new way about their future.

The characters are strong and likeable, and the way they cope with their shared problems shows the power of determination, co-operation, networking, hard work, self-reliance and the essentials of leadership.


  • Monty
    This was a great read and a truly inspiring book. It encourages young adults to pursue their dreams instead of follow the status quo, which is something I believe should be greatly encouraged. The characters are believable, well-written and relatable. It’s set in a realistic setting and draws you in quickly because of this. A concise, motivating novel, Out of Sight is a fantastic read for anyone who needs a bit of inspiration in life, not just young adults.
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  • TJ (13)

    The novel Out of Sight is about a teenage guy name Rob who happens to love music,
    despite the fact that whenever he sings people generally cover their ears in pain. So
    what can he do about this? This is a book about a boy who has no vocal chords, can’t
    play an instrument and yet still loves music, who finds the answer: you don’t have to
    be in the band to make the music. The idea that appeals to me in this book is exactly
    that “you don’t have to be the guy on the stage to be the hero.” It shows how having
    good people skills is so important in life. Rob did not just become the manager but
    saw an opportunity to help someone in need, and at the same time got the band
    that he was managing heaps of publicity. It also says a lot about the importance of a
    team effort: Rob was important to the band because of the way he dealt with sorting
    out the gigs and those sort of things………..
    The last thing that appeals to me about this book is how it relates to the real world
    and how it is so important to have those skills. In the world we are growing up in it is
    vital to be able to see things not as bad or good but more as opportunities for both
    you and the people around you.
    In conclusion, I think that this book is very insightful into the skills that are important
    for life. It sends a very powerful message to teenagers and young adults growing up
    in this generation.

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